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Plug and Play
London art/music 'event' - PLUG and PLAY, allows people to PLUG in their laptops, or anyother audio/visual technology and PLAY music they have made or interests them ... and project a visual output.

PLUG AND PLAY - last sunday of the month..

6PM - Later
Sunday 28th april 2002 @
Public Life,
82a Commercial Street,
London E1 6LY.

further infos: email pnp@gabba.net

Please come along in april and bring any media you like, music, files, cdroms, whatever, but no fucking bongos please..

if you are going to come please tell us about yourself..
">  /name
/what your bringing / any more info/

If your interested but can't make it on the 28th you can still take part, just upload a file (images, mp3s, quicktimes, etc.. ) and we'll display, or play, it on the day ..
(if you can't upload ftp your file to the bin ..
ftp.gabba.net p/word gabupload username gabupload)